Bugia Wear

Gianni Bugno Bugia Wear
Gianni Bugno Bugia Wear

A line of technical and leisure clothing, conceived and designed by Gianni Bugno and his staff, entirely made in Italy, from design to printing, with laser cutting and hi-tech breathable and elastic fabrics of the latest generation, with details in every finishing touch.

Wide range of colors and sizes to satisfy any type of customer, BUGIA WEAR aims to dress the athlete from head to toe in maximum comfort and style.

All garments are designed to have an attractive design, always in line with the current fashion, but with Gianni’s ideas and directives, making each garment unique and inimitable.

This ambitious project wants to aim high and become a reference point for all cyclists and fans of this wonderful sport, with always the highest quality clothing, which will satisfy every customer request.

BUGIA WEAR, to always be a wheel ahead of everyone.

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Linea Race

All the items in the Race line, except for the “Maglia Rosa” kit,
are available in the following colors:

Bugia Wear Gianni Bugno

Linea Life Style

Linea James Ross for Bugia