Bugia Rosa Gianni Bugno

A name and a color that evoke a unique success!

A unique way to remember a great success that will remain forever in history, using a technology projected into the future!

Limited Edition

A limited edition made of 90 pieces, tailored on the anthropometric measurements of each customer.

Each bicycle is unique and exclusive, with its own serial number, which is also shown on the technical clothing kit, made with the highest quality fabric, and delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by Gianni Bugno.

Bugia Rosa Gianni Bugno
Bugia Rosa Gianni Bugno

Raw titanium, carbon with Glossy finish, and a single color; pink, that pink of the pink shirt worn from the first day up to the Milan finish of the 1990 Giro d’Italia.

High level components, Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 group, carbon elements, nanotechnology treatment, Pirelli P ZERO Velo pink limited-edition tires, bring BUGIA \ ROSA to the top rank of the road bikes trend.

Bugia Rosa Gianni Bugno

A refined and elegant design that reflects the essential
and introverted character of Gianni Bugno

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